Mon, December 20, 2021

Oceanteam secures cable transport and extends storage contract

Oceanteam secures cable transport and extends storage contract
Further to the increased focus on cable handling and logistics, Oceanteam will assist a Chinese client to transport subsea cables from China to The Netherlands. The project will commence in Q1 2022 and the scope of work comprises shipping as well as spooling of cables.

The two year extension of the storage contract follows a successful period of storage of a 100+ kilometer subsea cable at the Oceanteam facility in Velsen, the Netherlands, for one of the worlds leading cable manufacturers. The contract has been extended until Q4 2023.

About Oceanteam
Oceanteam is an independent offshore cable-solutions provider. With a large asset-base of carousels, loading towers, tensioners and other ancillary equipment as well as a large team of competent cable handling crew, the company supports the marine cable industry with a variety of services such as short- and long-haul cable transport, cable storage, cable logistics and cable handling solutions on a global basis. Oceanteam’s deepwater base in Velsen, the Netherlands, is a strategically placed cable-hub where the company conducts mobilisation and demobilisation activities, provides long- and short-term cable storage capacity and facilitates the offshore renewables sector with integrated cable handling solutions. Oceanteam is Lloyd’s ISO certified.

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